Look more credible and speak more clearly to your market. Stand out from the competition. Look as polished and professional in print and electronic pages as you actually are in person, and watch your customers and clients respond accordingly. I can help you achieve these goals in a variety of ways:

Graphic Design
  • Business Identity Systems We will work together to produce your business identity, and a compelling visual message that works for you in your market: logo, business cards, stationery system, and collateral material like newsletters, brochures, and other promotional materials.

  • Proposals Working with your team, I will evaluate your existing proposals, (re)design your documents and templates, and train your team to effectively use the new documents with an understanding of sound Page Architecture™ concepts.

  • Book Design (both covers and interiors) We will work closely on your edited manuscript, taking it through design and production to print-ready files.


The focus is on your business—within the context of your market, your competition, and your long-term goals.
  • Strategic I’ll work with you to create a long-term strategy and action plan for perfecting your business’s visual communication.

  • Art Direction Together we’ll determine a design direction and plan of action for upgrading or reworking your print and electronic materials.

  • Proposals I’ll work with your team to evaluate the proposals you produce, and make recommendations for improving the usability and effectiveness of those proposals.

Seminars and Training (off-the-shelf or fully customized)
  • Visual Communication Basics
    Introducing Visual Branding & Page Architecture™

  • Building Your Brand
    Creating & Maintaining Your Visual Business Identity

  • Understanding Page Architecture™
    Create Print & Electronic Pages that People Will Actually Read

  • Page Architecture™ at Work
    Persuade Your Readers by Creating Compelling Pages

Graphics Clinics

Take your business, and your business materials, to the next level. A one-day visual communication intensive in a small, committed group of peers (4 to 6 people). Your materials, questions, and issues are the focus of this fully customized day.

My Process

Strategic Alignment: the ACT System
  • Assessment This is always the first step, determining the effectiveness of your business’s visual communication right now—in relation to your market and your competition, as well as your vision and long-term goals.

  • Core Project This phase implements the strategies that spring from what we learn during the Assessment. We’ll create, consolidate, and update your materials with your strategic goals as our driver. We’ll then make sure the print and web materials you and your staff create match the polished, professional graphics for which you’ve paid, by training you and/or your staff to effectively utilize and maintain this robust visual communication system.

  • Trajectory Support Regular check-ins, at intervals most comfortable and useful to you, keep your business’s visual communication solidly relevant and effective as your market(s), competition, and your long-term goals continue to evolve.

Let’s Talk


Here’s the official sign-off for my stationery system, which I just love! Thanks for being so easy to work with—and so willing to experiment. Had I known this process was such fun, I would have done it years ago.
—Liz Williams, CollaborationZone

Extremely clear, practical, and useful presentation. I learned more in one afternoon than I could have imagined possible.
—Jo Anne Smith, Speaking Circles International

I am absolutely ecstatic about the magnificent work you did. I can’t stop looking at the finished product. I am thrilled that I chose you to design my book. You handled every detail beautifully.
—Jean Palmer Heck, Real Impact

Thank you for developing my "eye" for design. You have given me a gift I’ll use all my life.
—Jordan Hart, Image Consultant

Nancy Webb’s clarity of presentation matches the excellence of her materials. The range and specificity of the information was excellent.
—Carolyn Foster, Creative Choices